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Backflow Prevention

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Backflow Prevention

Backflow occurs when the water flows in the opposite direction to which it is originally intended to flow.

Backflow plays a large part in most commercial, strata, or heavy water using systems. Occasionally things happen that can affect the quality of your potable water and one of the most common incidences is a burst water main. This creates a temporary loss of pressure within the water pipe or water main. When this happens, conditions are present that can allow the BACKFLOW of contaminants into the water system and threaten the safety of your drinking water. Backflow prevention is an important safety measure for every business and household.

Two forms of backflow:

  • Back siphonage (usually caused by loss of pressure in the drinking water system, i.e. a broken water main or burst pipe).
  • Backpressure (caused by pumps, blocked drains, elevated piping systems or thermal expansion).

Signs of a Backflow Issue

If your backflow prevention fails it can cause pollutants and chemicals to enter the drinking water supply. Depending on what contaminants are mixed with the drinking water, you could be drinking water laced with poison, resulting in sickness or even death.

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